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Comments for 3.1 start here.

Chapters 1.3 by MDM4U1MDM4U1, 16 May 2007 04:33

Comments for 3.1 starts here.

Chapters 1.3 by MDM4U1MDM4U1, 16 May 2007 04:33

This is a chapter we never got to explore as a class. Me and daniella got to figure out what chapter 8 was a littlr about with continuios probability distributions it allowed us to use fractional or decimol values for the random variables.

pascals triangle is somthing new to me but its a fun and easy way of having to understand this chapter if you understand the pascales triangle and the formulas that come with it ,in which you can apply.

this chapter was interesting and useful I think it gave me a better understanding of gathering and organizing numerical information and proper methods of data analysis it also helped me out with my culminating tast and gathering the information.

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